SOS Nursing Christchurch

We Come To You

SOS Nursing can visit your child/young adult:

  • At Home
  • At School
  • At their Work Place
  • Or you can come to the Clinic

Please note that your child / young adult will remain under the care of the GP, Specialist or Consultant and must attend follow-up appointments as they request.

Who Refers?

  • You can refer yourself
  • Consultant, Specialist, GP or Nurse

Who Pays?

  • You can make your own payment
  • Health Insurance
  • You may be eligible for funding eg: ACC or DHB

All Enquiries Welcome


We believe that Continuity of Care and experience is essential in cases such as our son to ensure the best possible result for all concerned. I would have no hesitatio... Alison and Kennedy Dawson - Christchurch

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SOS Nursing Christchurch
SOS Nursing Christchurch