SOS Nursing Christchurch

Our Services

SOS Nursing specialises in child and young adult nursing (0-24 years old).

Our experienced community nursing team provide professional nursing advice / education and health care in the following areas:

  • Pre Surgery Education / Play Therapy - Will help prepare your child coming into hospital to prevent anixiety, fear and stress for them and the family
  • Post Surgery Care - Care can be delievered to your child/young adult in your own home to help aid their recovery
  • Burn Care - Up to date specialist burn care and dressing products are used for you/child/young adults to help with speedy recovery
  • Wound Care - We deal with all types of wound care and have access to simple-specialised wound care products
  • Eczema - Advice on wet wrapping and how to access supplies can be given to you/your child/young adult
  • Constipation - Advice and support is given to the family with this problem
  • Continence - Advice and support is given to the family and child
  • Concussion / Brain Injury - Nursing support is given for the whole family
  • Medication - Advice can be given on correct doses to give, how often and even how to get your child/young adult to take the medicine


We believe that Continuity of Care and experience is essential in cases such as our son to ensure the best possible result for all concerned. I would have no hesitatio... Alison and Kennedy Dawson - Christchurch

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SOS Nursing Christchurch
SOS Nursing Christchurch