SOS Nursing Christchurch

Our Services

SOS Nursing specialises in child and young adult nursing (0-24 years old).

Our experienced community nursing team provide professional nursing advice / education and health care in the following areas:

  • Pre Surgery Education / Play Therapy - Will help prepare your child coming into hospital to prevent anixiety, fear and stress for them and the family
  • Post Surgery Care - Care can be delievered to your child/young adult in your own home to help aid their recovery
  • Burn Care - Up to date specialist burn care and dressing products are used for you/child/young adults to help with speedy recovery
  • Wound Care - We deal with all types of wound care and have access to simple-specialised wound care products
  • Eczema - Advice on wet wrapping and how to access supplies can be given to you/your child/young adult
  • Constipation - Advice and support is given to the family with this problem
  • Continence - Advice and support is given to the family and child
  • Concussion / Brain Injury - Nursing support is given for the whole family
  • Medication - Advice can be given on correct doses to give, how often and even how to get your child/young adult to take the medicine


I strongly support your plan to undertake this service. I know of quite a number of small children and their families who would be greatly helped by a well trained Pae... Sally Langley FRACS - Plastic and Reconstructive and Hand Surgeon, Christchurch

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SOS Nursing Christchurch
SOS Nursing Christchurch